Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten Video Game Men of 2010

10. War (Darksiders) This dude is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, more than enough reason to have him on this list.

9. Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2) Chuck’s masterful ability to create stuff out of junk is without equal. MacGuyver’s got nothing on Chuck. Truly, there is nothing more effective than a roll of duct tape, at least not with Chuck around.

8. Jorge (Halo: Reach) The stoic and brawny Spartan of the Noble Team, he poses the greatest of threats than all the other members. Him being a Spartan-II means that he wasn’t trained to be mass produced like his Spartan-III partners, he was trained to kill foreign enemies and domestic. Also, he can turn any vehicle into a chain-gun mounted kill machine!

7. Tychus Findlay (Starcraft 2) The wise-cracking partner of Jim Raynor may have stolen the show for Starcraft 2. He doesn’t take crap from no one and you certainly don’t want to be on his bad side.

6. Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 2) Perhaps the most likable crew member you pick up along in the game. A brilliant scientist and a hell of a singer make this quirky character well deserved to be on this list.

5. Alan Wake (Alan Wake) A determined writer who will never stop fighting to save his wife. He’s self-sacrificing and creative. Much like the protagonists of the Silent Hill series, Alan Wake is just a regular guy caught up in irregular situations. Plus who else can use light itself as a weapon?

4. Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain) Another regular guy caught in irregular situations is Ethan Mars. A poor father-trying to save his last son from a serial killer, he puts his body through the ringer in this game. He never gives up and will do whatever it takes to save him. Even if it means sacrificing his own life.

3. Agent Frances York Morgan (Deadly Premonition) One of the most peculiar characters of 2010, you can count on him to get the job done. He’s always willing to help out anyone despite trying to solve a series of gruesome murders. Terrible outfits, unshaven, flies buzzin’ around; doesn’t matter to him he’s got a case to solve.

2. Jim Raynor (Starcraft 2) This is a controversial choice because Jim Raynor did not make his debut this year, but rather back in 1998. To which I say; that was 12 years ago! He hasn’t appeared in another game since, and Starcraft: Ghost doesn’t count. The very likable protagonist of the Starcraft series continues his battle against his betrayers. Often laid back and sarcastic, he’s always willing to do the right thing no matter the cost.

1. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) Probably the most straight forward character, he knows what he wants and he does it. He wants to be with his family and be left alone. Despite all the sin and vice that is bestowed upon him, he is like an unmovable rock and will always remain faithful to his wife. So much shit is dumped on Marston that it’s almost unbelievable that he manages to get out of any of it. John Marston is 2010’s Video Game Man of the year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Ten Video Game Women of 2010

2010 is about to come to a close and now it’s time for everyone’s favorite thing in the world Top Ten Lists! Our first Top Ten List is the Top Ten Video Game Women of 2010.

10. Big Sister (Bioshock 2) While the Big Daddies of the first Bioshock were scary initially, they quickly became boring and predictable. This is remedied with the sequel’s main enemy the Big Sister. Quick and limber, she’ll stop at nothing until you are dead. Fear her! FEAR HER!

9. Pit Girl (Monday Night combat) When your armor is melting, and your weapons are crapping out, you know there’s always one person who can be there to lend a hand as well as provide some vocal support. Southern Belles are always the best.

8. Lightning [Claire Farron] (Final Fantasy XIII) This installment’s protagonist is one of very few females of the long beloved series. At first she is cold and distant but has great compassion for her sister and group mates. She also wears a half-cape. More women should wear half-capes.

7. Kat (Halo: Reach) This Spartan 3 is the brains of Noble Team, brilliant and a hell of a computer wiz. It’s also nice that she has a sexy Israeli accent.

6. Veronica (Fallout: New Vegas) The digital incarnation of Felicia Day is in full force here. Not only does she lend her enjoyable voice but also her sparkly personality. This robed woman who roams the wastes all alone can pack quite a punch with her trusty Power Fist. Despite her incredible ability to make guys ‘splode with one punch, her one goal in life is to own a pretty dress. Classy girl.

5. Emily Wyatt (Deadly Premonition) The very definition of the girl next door, a no-nonsense woman who wants to protect those she cares about. She also knows how to clean up well when the time comes. This lovely woman is also one of the most tragic characters of 2010.

4. Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy XIII) This sultry tan-skinned woman is arguably the best character in Final Fantasy XIII. Strong, determined and fiercely loyal to her friends, all coupled together with a sexy Australian accent.

3. Madison Paige (Heavy Rain) Courageous and intelligent, this hot young journalist will stop at nothing to get a story and solve dangerous mysteries. Ever the helpful partner, you can always count on her to put her own body on the line, in more ways than one.

2. Bayonetta (Bayonetta) What can be said about Bayonetta that hasn’t already been said or even attempted to be said? She’s a woman that lacks any definitive description just like her own self-titled game. She fights monsters with her guns, legs, and even hair! Every one of her polygons is designed to be overly seductive. You know you’ll never be cool enough to hang with this unearthly creature. However, despite this she is not our winner for she has one fatal flaw, she’s trying WAY TOO hard.

1. Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect 2) Yes, the biotc femme fatale of Mass Effect 2 is my Video Game Woman of 2010. The most useful team member you pick up immediately is also the one I used all the way throughout the rest of the game. She was bred to be the best woman in the galaxy, and it sure worked since even the developers couldn’t help themselves from having Miranda show off her booty in every shot she’s in.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

EA President Thinks Single-Player Games are Finished

Ah Electronic Arts. You've pissed me off so much during this year. With your arrogance and complete lack of understanding the used games market-- you sure have been right behind Activision in publishers that deserve great ire. Well the President of Electronic Arts, Frank Gibeau has divulged us on his new idea that single player games will become a thing of the past.

According to Joystiq, Gibeau said in an interview with Develop Online, that they're "very comfortable moving the discussion towards how we make connected gameplay - be it co-operative or multiplayer or online services - as opposed to fire-and-forget, packaged goods only, single-player, 25-hours-and you're out. I think that model is finished."

So just to be clear, the President of EA, says that single player games will inevitably be replaced with multiplayer games. Not the dumbest of viewpoints, after all, with the Call of Duty series dominating the multiplayer market, how can anyone not think that multiplayer will continue to grow? However, to think that single player focused games will lose all support in favor of multiplayer games is not only ridiculous but quite frightening.

There's plenty of single player games that are perfectly fine on their own without being hindered by some tacked on multiplayer.
Alan Wake
Heavy Rain
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Mass Effect 2

Just to name a few from this year alone. Some games just don't lend themselves well to multiplayer, co-operative or competitive. However, I'm sure the President of EA knows this...

Oh Hai Dead Space 2 Multiplayer!

Also not all developers can afford to buy and maintain servers for online actions. Personally I'd say they're are too many online multiplayer games. It's gotten to the point that unless you can take on Call of Duty then you might as well have not bothered working on an expensive multiplayer mode. Most gamers play one online game and one online game only. People don't have the time or even the money to dedicate for multiple online games.

It really begs the question as to why President Gibeau would go and say such a stupid thing. Clearly he should know that not all games can be multiplayer focused. I mean what would he have to gain from every game going online?

OHO!!! Project 10 Dollar! We meet again!

There's no use wondering, it's all very clear. It benefits EA because of their shady new project. Designed to make consumers pay extra money for something that is completely legal and has been around for as long as video games have. Pay extra money for online support that they will inevitably take down in two years. Don't buy into this corporate bullshit. Single-player games are going nowhere and Frank Gibeau should stop lying to people.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Game Cop will be present at the WoW: Cataclysm US Launch Event

With only two days before the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Blizzard has announced the locations of the major launch events all over the world. This year shows that they are focusing much more heavily on Europe as there will be only one US launch event orchestrated by Blizzard themselves. And it just so happens that the event will be within driving distance of Game Cop HQ. You can expect a gallery of pics taken at the event, and we'll even give you a list of 5 things you need to survive a midnight launch.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PSP2 leaked?

The rumor-mill never stops turning as leaked images have found their way onto the great white expanse that is the internet. We've already covered the supposed images of the PSP Phone, now we finally have an idea on what the PSP2 could conceivably be.
VG247 has two images of what looks like a PSP Go with TWO THUMBSTICKS!

Hell, it truly is about fuckin' time!

Bioware will announce newest game at Spike VGAs

Bioware has announced that it will reveal its newest game at the Spike Video Game Awards on December 11th. A trailer from Spike has been provided with very brief glimpses of the new game. Nothing else is available but people have come to the conclusion that it is Mass Effect related. As the soldier in the image is holding a rifle that apparently is available in Mass Effect 2. It's far too early for it to be Mass Effect 3, so it's possibly a spinoff of Mass Effect 2. Or a continuation of it, much like Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. We have 4 weeks to go till we find out.

Fallout: New Vegas DLC named and detailed

George Washington's corpse approves.

Bethesda has announced the name, date and content of the first DLC for Fallout: New Vegas. The DLC is titled "Dead Money" and will feature a new area, possibly new companions, new quests and more of the stuff you want from the game. It is scheduled to be released in December 21st. Don't forget this DLC is exclusive to Xbox 360. Though this is expected to be temporary.